While analytics initially evolved from a management perspective in trying to best evaluate player performance, at HockeyData we understand there are many practical applications that can be exploited by individuals for both development and negotiation utilization.


Player analytic performance reports can be a key component to accelerated development. Individual statistical tendencies can then be shared with their coaching staff to allow for better integration within team coaching strategy. Furthermore, understanding a player’s productivity in relation to winning highlights his strengths and weaknesses as they move to higher levels of hockey.


The information obtained is also highly valuable to agents, scouts, and professional hockey programs, as it provides a depth of information that is rarely available to them. Tracked data can be used as a negotiating tool by comparing their client’s inputs and outputs players with statistical cohorts. Data also creates context to a player in how they may fill a need or put a scale to their accomplishments relative to other players at the same level.

A few statistics tracked are:

  • Traditional Statistics – shots, goals, hits, blocks
  • Locational Context –  shots, goals, scoring percentage in different areas of the ice
  • Puck Possession – puck touches, passes, turnover ratio
  • Penalty Differential –  penalties incurred versus drawn
  • Zone Transitional Data – breakouts and zone entries
  • and much more… 

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