CKM Sports Management Ltd. is one of the leading hockey specific player agencies on the planet. We use technology and data to empower our Clients.

As a Hockey specific player agency we structure our services, business, and day-to-day activities to provide the highest level of Client Services in the industry. To do this we continually adapt and evolved new methods of increasing our Client satisfaction. More specifically, we implement innovative solutions to existing problems and opportunities that players encounter regularly

CKM’s player development strategy, involves holistic player improvement. Meaning that we improve players’ psychological strength, physical ability and education, using a variety of strategies which enable clients to be more successful in hockey and life. Put in the hard work, and we will facilitate a smooth transition to a higher level of competition.

CKM Sports has grown rapidly through innovation and providing a high level of Client services. This has resulted in Clients playing in the WHL, OHL, QMJHL, NHL, AHL, ECHL, and Professional European Hockey Leagues. In addition, we have advised hundreds of student athletes who have secured scholarship funds amassing over $2 Million Dollars.

CKM SportWork Connect, is an online job portal for professional hockey players on via CKM Sportwork Connects aims to promote the skill level and ability of players below the NHL level with the opportunity to play professional hockey. We have established a variety of partnerships with organizations and leagues across the globe, thereby providing the player with unsurpassed access to professional hockey opportunities.

CKM Team

We are a resource for both amateur and professional hockey players, with specialized recruitment and development services to help players reach the next level of competition. CKM Sports Management supports players throughout North America and Internationally through a trusted network of scouts, trainers, agents, and player support staff.